A SideCore Innovation Platform Built for You Game Changers.

Meet System61 at its API Innovation Frontier

Establish a Genuine Digital Bank.

Don’t just buy the same tech your peers have.  Build your OWN Mobile Solutions.

Attract Digital-only Customers.

Establish a Fintech Image and Territory.

Engineered for Doers

  • 80% of your customers will be pure mobile soon.  Are you ready?  
  • Use a Services Platform to Take back control from ‘the core’ & put it in the hands of your employees and customers.
  • Actively serve customers in cyberspace by building solutions they can use.
  • Don’t change your core.  Question its relevance in a distributed mobile world.
  • Challenge the Status Quo.  Be Different.  Build something Legendary.

More About System61

It’s Software

It’s a Pure-Cloud, Extreme Scale, Future-Ready, and Insanely Simple Sidecore platform that allows you to create unique solutions for unique customers.  It’s freedom from the commodity solutions all your peers are selling so you can invent. 

It’s Speed

System61 is engineered to dramatically reduce your product time to market.  Think weeks, not months/years.  With System61, you can afford to take risks with minimal incremental cost and exponential upside.

It’s Operating Leverage

By virtually eliminating incremental non-interest expense from the new product cycles and business models, you can fully capture the power of your net interest margin. 

It’s Scalability

Modern online businesses make sure that once they build a product, it can scale effectively.  System61 APIs make sure you only pay for what you use, so from testing to enterprise scale, you get the benefit of lower platform costs.  Combine that with Operating Leverage and “growth” takes on a whole new meaning!

It’s Security

With cloud computing comes the responsibility to make sure data, identities and dollars are safe.  Microsoft’s Azure Security is foundational to the System61 platform. Now you too can share security models and certifications with the largest companies in the world.    

It’s Data

At System61, we’ve long been frustrated with how poorly banks use the data they have available.  Determined to change that, we hired data analytics experts to help build comprehensive data solutions for bankers. And not just for System61 output. We ingest data from all of your sources to become the one-stop shop for bank analytics.

Let’s Get Technical

In 30 words or less:  REST APIs (the innovation frontier) send messages to event grids that handle transactions using micro services hosted on a multi-node compute fabric stored in document & table databases all managed in the Azure cloud. (ok, 35 words).

We achieve unparalleled levels of security, scalability and reliability by leveraging world-class cloud rails and by hiring the right engineers to build and maintain the platform. System61 tech team members have been in the industry for decades and understand the critical (and regulated) nature of bank transactions and data.  That experience (combined with the clean-slate 2020 systems architecture) allows S61 to be more responsive, flexible, and secure.