BankWorx Platform

A Platform, Not a Core System

At BankWorx, we believe the business of financial services is changing fast.  As more consumers turn to the ease and convenience of digital products, it is important for you, the bank, to keep up. We’re challenging you to get ahead of the curve by staying in tune with customer demands and meeting those needs with real innovation and value-add solutions.  And that means getting far more creative than the products legacy core systems allow. 

BankWorx enables you to control your destiny. There is no one size fits all solution anymore! That online banking system you are delivering today is far too similar to what your competitors offer their customers. In the coming years, it is going to be critically important that you genuinely differentiate from the pack and offer customers solutions that solve problems specifically for them.

What are the Benefits of a Modern Banking Platform?

BankWorx is rethinking banking software completely. The core systems and traditional back-offices (and by extension, the products you offer your customers) are generally no better or more focused than those of competitor banks.  Legacy core systems built long before the internet even existed are quite simply stuck in time. And they prevent you from keeping up with your customers’ changing needs. That’s where BankWorx comes in. The benefits of an adaptable and affordable platform are innumerable, but let’s start with a few. 


Your number one priority is staying connected to customers. You have done this well in the past with a personal touch and committed staff. But something has changed. The speed and convenience of the digital channel has now surpassed the physical. Your customers are starting to trade personal touch for convenience. They are spending, saving and borrowing faster, easier, and at lower costs – sometimes without visiting a bank at all.  To remain relevant, banks need to deliver both— personal touch and convenience. BankWorx provides an innovation platform so that you can do just that for your customers. It puts you closer to the customer than ever before, so you can do what you do well: Solve Problems for Customers. BankWorx adaptable platform allows you to quickly and easily build customer-focused applications that solve specific problems and add real value to your customers’ lives. 

Significantly Lower Costs

One of the secrets to providing better service to customers is recognizing that every dollar you spend on overhead (much of it technology), is a dollar you can’t spend serving your customer.  Because BankWorx runs on a pure cloud pay-as-you-go model, project costs are substantially lower than you are accustomed to. BankWorx excels at slashing overhead dollars so you can re-allocate them to customer-facing value.  We focus on back-end systems that let you preserve the core deposit relationships so you can focus on delivering value to customers. 

More Security

BankWorx was built with security in mind. That’s why we chose the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. While many banks tout the safety of their on-site computing centers, BankWorx allows you to leverage the multi-million dollar security resources at one of the world’s largest companies. Analyses show that Azure has far higher cybersecurity protections and recovery options than you could ever hope to get in a regular data center. 

Relevant Customer Data

Business intelligence isn’t just about management dashboards anymore.  Security & Fraud Management, Marketing, Efficiency Studies, and Product Development are just a few ways you can leverage the data BankWorx provides. With valuable insights into what matters most to your consumer, you will be able to more easily provide them what they need, when they need it.  And that makes the decision to bank with you… easy. 

BankWorx is all about empowering bankers again.  We want to help you take back the power to innovate and serve customers profitably. From staying relevant to your customers to offering world-class security, BankWorx is the key to serving your customers (and your shareholders) in 2020 and beyond.